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We are excited to present: the Babyshop Blog!


 Our goal with this blog is to:

INSPIRE: Help you discover trendy European up-and-comers, learn about international trends before they hit the mainstream stage, and see how little fashionistas around the world are styling themselves.

EDUCATE: Support you as you learn to dress your kids for all occasions. We are the experts in high-quality Scandinavian functional wear, suitable for all weather conditions and adventures your little one may encounter.

HAVE FUN: Make you smile, laugh, and have a great time as you join us on our journey to be the global fashion destination for kids!


Babyshop was founded in 2006 as the go-to destination for Swedish parents, and has since grown into a global kids fashion destination, trusted by more than 85,000 parents from over 50 countries. We have been actively focused on ensuring we provide the best breadth of fashionable and high quality brands, and a flawless shopping experience. As we thought about the next step to better delivery WOW to our customers, the answer was obvious – inspire our Babyshop customers through interesting and enriching content.


Check back soon for more inspiration, education, and fun!