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Babyshop Awards Content Creator of the Year 2019 is live!


We’re calling on all Bloggers, Instagrammers, and other content creators to compete in our 4th Annual Babyshop Awards for Content Creator of the Year 2019! This competition has only been held in Sweden the past 3 years, but this year, we are excited to hold the competition in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, China, and the USA!

We want to highlight all the fantastic content-makers in the parent category who inspire us every day with engaging, inspiring, and premium content. Help us find these content-makers by nominating your favorite profiles today! 

The winner of the competition receives a $1000 gift card and an opportunity to take over our Instagram account with 170,000+ followers.

Not a content creator? There’s something for you too! If you are the first person to nominate the winner of the competition, you will win a $100 gift card.


Here’s how the competition works:

Nomination phase (Sept 30 – Oct 3): Submit your favorite profile by filling in the nomination form. The nominees will be updated on the page daily. Yes, you can nominate yourself

Voting Phase (Oct 7-10): The voting will open. Each person can vote once. The 10 nominees with the most votes will go on to a Jury Panel who will make the final selection

Jury Phase: Based on specific criteria, the Jury Panel will name the winner of the Babyshop Awards Content Creator of the Year 2019 in the USA! The winner will be announced by Oct 18.


You can find details on our competition site, including:

  • A competition overview and how it works
  • Downloadable badges to celebrate your nomination and voting that you can use on your Instagram story, as well as other social media
  • An FAQ with answers and responses to questions you may have
  • Competition terms and conditions