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This was a big week for us at Babyshop as we wrapped up our competition, Babyshop Awards Content Creator of the Year! This is our 4th year running the competition in Sweden, but we were super excited to launch the competition this year in the USA, Denmark, Finland, China, and Russia! We love this competition because we believe it’s important to celebrate the daily heroes out there who are parents AND content creators. They truly inspire, engage, and encourage their followers, and this is a chance for the followers to give back and show their support.

In this year’s USA competition, we celebrated 70 parents who create content across Instagram and blogs. After a nomination phase, a voting phase, and an evaluation by our esteemed jury, we finally have our winner for Babyshop Awards Content Creator of the Year 2019 (USA): Brooke Oseka! Brooke is mom to three growing boys, wife to a pastor, and a constant source of encouragement for her 20,000+ Instagram community. Check out her lovely family and encouraging words at @raising.tiny.disciples.

A huge congratulations to Brooke! Get to know this momma and what inspires her.

How long have you had your account, and why did you start it?

I started my Instagram a little over three years ago to connect with other moms from all over the world. Being a stay at home mom can be isolating but Instagram has become such a beautiful community for me filled with some of the most cherished friendships I’ve ever known!

What’s the best thing about being a parent?
This is tough as it is all so beautiful, even the chaos. The best thing would have to be their unconditional love. Having little ones can be hard. But this stage is also incredible. You are their hero and their whole world. Your hugs and kisses fix everything. And even when it’s been a rough day, their love for you is constant.

If you had to choose an item in your kids’ wardrobe that you couldn’t live without, what would it be?
Can’t live without knits! It’s cold 6 months out of the year where we are so give me all the comfy clothes to bundle up our babes!

What do you think it is that your readers like about you and your channel?
I hope they see it as a place of community and connection! Where they can come for encouragement, support, to hear about God’s love and see lots of cute baby pictures! The messages I receive from mamas saying they needed to hear what I shared will forever be why I do this!

I love your kids names: Wesley Cove, Hudson Storm, and Judah Blaze. Is there a story behind their names?
Our oldest Judah Blaze is passionate and on fire for all things. He is the Blaze that starts the fire, the leader, the first. Our Hudson Storm is absolutely a storm in every definition of the word. He is wild and untamed (and loud ha). We believe God is going to use him as a Storm for good! And Wesley Cove, our littlest, is our most peaceful babe. The definition of Cove is where the waters are calmest, shelter, and safe haven.

You have decided to homeschool your kids. What motivated this decision? What would you recommend to other parents considering homeschooling?
We are loving our homeschool journey! I grew up going to public school and LOVED it. So when we started talking about the boys schooling we decided to look into all options and found that homeschooling has grown so much over the years. There are large communities to plug into on IG and locally. There are so many different curriculums and it has allowed us freedom as a family to travel and tell our kids about Jesus every day. If you’re considering home school, I’d suggest searching for local co-ops in your area! There are tons of free resources and so many amazing families that we have met through our homeschool journey!

What will you purchase with the award gift card?
We are hoping to start a playroom/homeschool room for our boys soon. Babyshop has all the BEST things! Also hoping to grab the cutest knits + fleece coats (Rylee & Cru and Kuling are two of our most favorite!) for families that are without this upcoming Christmas season!

Is giving back to the community something you spend time on? What inspires this?
We love our community. We live in an incredible close-knit city and a large part of our community is without, especially during the holidays. We are so blessed by everything we have and our needs are met. Hoping to be that blessing to others any chance we get. We hope we are always loving people well, so winning this has been such an incredible opportunity to give to others and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

How do you feel about winning the competition? Is there anything you want to say to your followers?
I am honored and humbled. This competition had some of the most incredible women in this space, all deserving! To think that I was nominated and chosen, I’m nearly lost for words! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me. I hope I can always create content that you love and that ultimately points back to Him. I am blessed beyond words by each of you!

We also want to give a huge congratulations to our second place winner, Amber Baldwin, who will receive a $500 gift card, and our third place winner, Sarah Reed, who will receive a $250 gift card.