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Now that Mid Season Sale has ended, it’s time for Mid Season Tale! Mid Season Tale is a childbook story that you can read to your child at bed time.

Chapter 1 – Modern Nomads

Once upon a time, a starlight away, Modern Nomads called Bobo lived on Saturn.

One day, they decide to send a message to the world out there in the galaxy.

Who is out there? Are they like us? The Modern Nomads were very curious.

The bravest of the pack put on a magic cape and flew out to send the message!

All the others gathered to watch the message light up the sky with stardust. ‘Now we wait!’ The Modern Nomads said.

Chapter 2 – Creative Clans

High up in the valley, beautiful children were living amongst lamas and fields of flower. One morning, they wake up to their world covered in sparkling stardust. They believe that it was a gift sent from someone else out there and decide to pass on the kind gesture.


Across the galaxy, high above a beautiful valley lived beautiful children.

Did you see the stardust last night? It’s all over the field, rocks and water puddles.

“Maybe it’s a message!” One of the eldest said. “Or maybe it’s a birthday present for me” her sister chuckled.


“I can climb the ladder all up to the sky and check” said the eldest. As she climbed up an idea sparkled in her head. 


‘Perhaps, someone out there just wanted to
share great things from their home.’

‘We should do the same!’

‘Let’s have our lama deliver our very best flowers’

Everyone picked out their favorite flowers. Wild lilies, roses, leaves of every shape and color.

‘I guess we’re set now!

Let’s send our Lama away!

I really hope whoever gets it will like it!’

Chapter 3 – One Family, the Universe is our Home

On planet earth, home to all of us Babyshoppers, a group of friends were planning to have a calm Fika at Beaus. An unexpected twist welcomes the guests a Lama covered in flowers standing in front of the building! Overwhelmed with all the beautiful flowers, Beau decides to thank the person who sent the beautiful Lama.


Back on earth, a group of friends were heading to Beau’s place for a cozy fika. To their surprise, a beautiful lama covered in flowers was waiting for them in front of the building.

Happy and surprised, the friends each took a bundle of flowers and headed up to Beau’s place. ‘Oh Beau will Love it’ they smiled.

‘I LOve flowers, but this is quite a bunch!’ ‘Did you ask who sent this?’ Beau asked. ‘Well…You can talk to the Lama’ his friends laughed. Beau and his friends spent the afternoon decorating his apartment with all the flowers.

When the friends all left, Beau started wondering about who it was that sent the generous gifts. Being the sweet person he is, Beau wanted to thank these mysterious friends.

When his brother fell deep asleep in his crib covered with flowers, Beau slipped outside.

‘I hope they will LOve the heart shaped balloon.’ ‘Maybe I should write a card as well!’ Beau thought. Beau returned to his apartment, which smelled heavenly with all the flowers.


Beau sent away his heart balloon with lots of love, so much that it managed to fly all the way back to Saturn where the Modern Nomads live.


Early morning, one of the Modern Nomads saw a glittering balloon in the sky.

Another Nomad up on the hill taking down the night lights from the sky saw it too

It’s beautiful! It also says – from your family across the universe’ she said as she took down the balloon.

The Nomads were thrilled about the gift sent from friends out in the galaxy.

So, someone is out there!’ ‘Our Universe is home to all of us’ ‘After all, we’re one family’

The nomads chanted. So ended another fascinating day on Saturn. 

Tale will continue tomorrow! Please check your inbox for a version of the tale in your language.