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Now that Mid Season Sale has ended, it’s time for Mid Season Tale! Mid Season Tale is a childbook story that you can read to your child at bed time. This is part 2. Please read part 1 here.

Chapter 4: Weekend House Kids

Winnie is a boy who likes to dance while Sophie is very shy. Winnie wants to find a friend to dance with. Winnie and Sophie goes on a journey to find a friend who likes to dance. They picked up an apple as a gift. They finally find friends- Oeuf tribes – and befriend them.

Once lived a boy named Winnie and he loved to dance.

Winnie loved to dance,
but his friend Sophie was very shy.

So, they always put on their masks to talk to each other.

He wanted to find a friend who can dance with him, but he always danced alone with his shadow.

“Let’s go find our friends then!” said Winnie.

“Let’s find a gift for our new friend!” said Sophie.

“I found apples!” said Winnie

Now that we’ve found apples, let’s go find a new friend!

They walked and walked, but they couldn’t find a friend. Sophie started to cry.

Then, Winnie found people dancing, and shouted “I found a friend!”

“Hi Friend! I would like to give you my apple as a gift for you”.

Chapter 5: Oeuf

Oeuf is a very lively tribe. They like to express themselves with dance movements. One day, a boy named Winnie and a girl named Sophie visits them and wants to be friends with them. Winnie and Sophie gives them an apple as a present, and they become friends.

There once lived a tribe named Oeuf who loved to dance.

Someone’s approaching! It must be a new friend! Shouted Oeuf friends.

“Hi Friend! I would like to give you my apple as a gift for you”.

“I love fruits! I’m wearing clementine myself!”.

“We love fruits and I love to dance! Then we can be friends!”.

The end.