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One of the organizations we collaborate the most with is Sisters International. It’s an organization that works with vulnerable women both in and outside of Sweden. In order to tell their story and the good work they do we will start by telling you about Gunilla von Platen.

Gunilla is an entrepreneur and highly influential in business. She is also an author, V.P for UN Women in Sweden and mother of four children. What define her besides all of her commitments is her strong belief in giving back.

“I’ve given back to the community ever since I started making money. Everyone can give something! It’s all about priorities.”

If you want to help but don’t know where to start Gunilla has some advice for you: donate money monthly to a charity close to your heart. You can start with $10/month. If you’re not able to give money Gunilla says you can contribute in other ways.  You can work as a volunteer through e.g. the Red Cross and help kids with their homework. A third way is to inform and create awareness about issues that are important to you, for instance through your social media.

Gunilla is committed to several charities, one of them is the charity “Stiftelsen 100%” which was founded in 2006 and focuses on helping vulnerable children in dangerous areas.

“Our orphanage Little Angel is among Stiftelsen 100%’s most important work.  I decided to build it 4 and a half years ago when the war in Syria escalated and the situation there was terrible. The orphanage cares for 130 children outside of Damaskus, Syria.”

Besides working for Stiftelsen 100% she also donates money to several charities that she trusts, and one of those charities is Sisters International.

Gunilla von Platen introduced us to Sisters International. We have sent clothes and toys among other things to children and babies both in Sweden and abroad. The gifts have definitely come to a place where they do the most good. We’ve also contributed to Sisters International’s much-loved Christmas bags which they hand out all over Sweden.

About Sisters International

Sister’s International is a charity organization that helps vulnerable woman and children in Sweden, India and Rumania. They’ve built two women’s homes in Indian and in Romania they’re running an integration project for Romani children. In Sweden they have their yearly Christmas bags which they give to women in need. They also work with giving support and help to children and women in vulnerable situations.

About Stiftelsen 100%

Stiftelsen 100% was founded in 2006 by Douglas Roos, Gunilla von Platen and Mats Qviberg. The purpose of the organization is to help vulnerable children in poor regions and, if possible give them an education and social security. An important part of their mission is that 100% of their funds will go to the intended purpose.