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Oh, what a joyous time of the year! Spring and Summer are upon us and us here at Babyshop are stocking all our favorite Spring and Summer items. To inspire you and to help you navigate this season’s news, we’ve narrowed down three major trends this season. Let us present: “Retro Optimism”, “Where the Wild Dreams Are” and “Young Activists’ Club”.

We call the first trend “Retro Optimism”. It’s characterized by the freedom of expression, by sport-POP (best new word ever!) and metal. Brands following this trend: Bobo Choses, Caroline Bosmans, The New Society, Nununu, Beau Loves and The Animal Observatory.

The second trend is “Where the Wild Dreams Are” – a trend full of delicate details. You’ll find items in this trend at: Bobo Choses, Bonton, Búho, Emile et Ida, Christina Rhode, Rylee + Cru, Little Creative Factory and Soft Gallery.

Colors, tulle and embroideries are also part of this trend. You’ll find amazing pieces with The Animals Observatory, Wauw Capow, Nununu, Oeuf and Caroline Bosmans.

The third trend is called “Young Activists’ Club”. This trend includes overalls and dungarees. Interested? Take a look at pieces from Soft Gallery, Emile et Ida, Búho, Oeuf, Soft Gallery, Mainio, Rylee + Cru och Bobo Choses – to find your perfect pair.

Within this trend, you’ll also find fruit and vegetable symbols. Our top choice brands are Búho, Emile et Ida, The Animals Observatory, Mainio, Oeuf, Bobo Choses, Soft Gallery and Nadelazos.

Lastly, this trend includes square shapes and terrycloth. Find pretty pieces at Bobo Choses, Oeuf, Rylee + Cru, Emile et Ida, Mainio, Soft Gallery, The New Society, Little Creative Factory and Soft Gallery.

Let’s hope for a fantastic spring and summer!