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The chance of you staying at home now with your child is big. We want to share a list of 11 of the best tips from us Babyshop-parents to you to spread some joy and happiness in difficult times.

Tip 1 – Get moving!

To move your body even when indoors is important in order to stay well and one fun tip is to play “Simon Says”. Choose a family member to be “Simon”. The rest of the family members will now have to imitate everything that Simon does. For example, Simon can sing a song, jump on one leg, do 20 jumping jacks, do a funny walk or crawl under the kitchen table. A fun and simple game that will increase the heart rate on both kids and adults.

Tip 2 – Learn something new

I have told my son at least 10 times that it is time for him to learn how to tie the shoelaces. Maybe it is time to learn something similar, like practice hand writing, juggling, count division or rehearse the multiplication table?

Tip 3 – Craft kits

Quiet and concentrated playtime will be perfect in order for you to stay focused on tasks at hand even if you are staying at home. The craft-kits will be your best friend! We highly recommend our crafts-category where your will find fun kits containing pearls, clay and pens.

Download our coloring-book and share a photo of your child´s arts and crafts at our Instagram by tagging us using @babyshop.


Tip 4 – Play board games and make a puzzle

Good old-fashioned, yet fun and classic tips like playing board games such as Othello, memory games or a puzzle for the smaller kids.

Tip 5 – Story reading

To read a book for the whole family is a cozy activity. If you have a sore throat you can try out E-books or audio books for kids.

A tip is to listen to Josh Gad story reading through his Twitter-account.

Tip 6 – Face painting

Which kids doesn’t like face painting? Get inspired by searching for “face art kids” or try face stickers.

Tip 7 – Facetime dinner date

Book a dinner date with their aunt. The difference between a standard dinner date before and now in March 2020, is that you now will do it with a distance via Facetime instead but maybe you can sync the experience by eating the same food for example.

Tip 8 – Create family-memories

With this kit from Baby-art, parents, kids, and the little baby can make an art piece by using their palm or foot.

Another fun way is to use the timer function on your camera so that the WHOLE family can be in the picture.

Tip 9 – Fold paper air crafts or make origami

 We know that it is always a struggle to limit the time used on different screens but there are lots of good stuff and fun things to explore via your screens. One of thousands of things to learn via Youtube is how to fold paper planes or origami.

Who will make the longest flying paper plane or make the fastest folded origami-dog?

Tips 10 – Bathroom fun

There are a lot of fun things to do in the bathroom except the most important – to wash the hands. Water-games and rubber ducks (rubber cats and rubber rabbits even) can keep your kids playing for hours until their fingers are like raisins.

Tip 11 – Decorate windows

Communicate with the neighbors on the other side of the street by decorating your windows with art. It can be pixel-art or a colorful banner with a cheerful message. One favorite is the Italian one: “Andrà tutto bene”. Everything will be fine.

What are you and your family doing? Share in the comments or via our Instagram.

Stay healthy and in high spirits! <3