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Welcome to our new interview series called “Catching up with”. This is where we e-meet with families to get an insight into what their days are like, what makes them happy and what they’re longing for once this crisis is over. 

Today we’re meeting with Bea Unenge Cronie and Julia Stridh. They’re both from Sweden.

Hello Bea, what are your plans for today?

-I will take the kids out to a playground and try to stay outside for as long time as possible. As soon as we get home, the whole family will be satisfied and happy to get cozied up again.   

What do you long for the most?

-For everything going back to normal again. Now you realize that life was pretty great before all this Corona crap.

What makes you happy right now?

-I’m happy all my children are back at pre-school again (after four weeks of being home sick). And for the fact that we have a garden.

Bea Unenge Cronie

: 35 years

Lives: Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Family: Husband Ottmar, Otis 5 years, Bonnie, Leo and Francis 15 months old

Occupation: Art Director

Favorite Kids Brands: Arket and MiniMarket

Hello Julia, what are you going to do today?

-Today is Monday and as usual it means new opportunities. Once again I say to myself that “This week I have to be more productive”. Now more than ever, as the days all melt together. I’ll work from home this afternoon – or try anyway! It is not that simple because we still have our 1 year old at home with my husband who is on paternity leave with her right now. With both of them at home it’s not very easy to find a quiet place to do some work.

Later this afternoon I will take a walk to our new apartment which is being renovated. This major renovation is one of the most fun projects I have done. It has also been incredibly nice to be able to focus on it and try to disconnect from all the awful stuff that’s happening right now. Sometimes you just need a break from all the thoughts in your head. For example, it can help to think of different types of kitchen cabinets, stone slabs and wall paint in the perfect shade of greige. I promise you that!

What do you long for the most?

-Right now, I work less than I usually do, and I miss it incredibly much. Now that I spend all this time at home I realize how much fun I have when I’m working. It feels like my creativity is on lockdown and to be honest I feel totally stupid. I thought that the extra time on my hands could give me more ideas but it is the complete opposite of that.

I’m looking forward to Bennie spending more time with her grandparents. It hurts my heart that so much time goes by between when they get to hang out and spend time together.

What makes you happy right now?

-The most positive thing about this situation is that I get to spend so much time with my daughter. I will remember that when I think back on this time.

I also enjoy the days I spend with my friends. I appreciate it now more than ever and every meeting is special because it is so rare.

I also dream of the summer and the house we’ve rented in Österlen (south of Sweden) together with friends and their children. There’s nothing better than things like that in the summer.

Julia Stridh

Age: 34 years

Lives: Stockholm, SWEDEN

Family: Husband Dan and daughter Benedetta, 16 months old

Occupation: Freelance stylist and creative consultant. Blogger: The Way We Play.

Favorite Kids Brand: Mixed Grill Banjul! I appreciate all brands that are conscious when it comes to material selection. Wool, pima cotton, bamboo and cashmere are my favorites.

Thank you Bea and Julia! We’ll be back shortly with new families. STAY SAFE!