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We know there are many kids out there who are not able to celebrate their birthdays as wished and planned for as the world is turned upside down. In fact, it’s the exact same for us! Babyshop is turning 14 years old and we were hoping to celebrate it together. Instead, we’ll have to celebrate from a distance.

In order to host a fun party at a distance, you need to be a little extra clever. We turned to Babyshop’s very own event manager and party expert Tina, and asked for her tips on how to create the best possible digital children’s party.

Invitations & Party Themes

First things first. To host a party you have to start with inviting all your friends, because without guests there will be no party! This can of course be done with just a few clicks through a text message, but we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight the old fashion snail mail. Just because the party is digital doesn’t mean the invite has to be! We guarantee it will land as a refreshing surprise in the mail box of your guests.

To make things a little easier, we have created invites available to download and print (PDF-format). For a digital party, add the link to an online meeting service in the address field, along with a note encouraging guests to prepare a good snack. The invites come in four different themes – choose one to make your party extra memorable! Guests who dress up and decorate the house according to the theme will be rewarded with gold stars!

Garden Tea Party
The dress code is preppy, the background should be green and lush, and the sweets will be cookies and tea.
Download Garden Tea Party invitations

Pyjama Party
Invite everyone to dress in their pajama, bring their favorite soft furry friend, a blanket and pillow. And most importantly – no one has to brush their hair! End the party by having the birthday mom or dad read a bedtime story.
Download Pyjama Party invitations

Pool Party
Everyone wears swimwear and arm puffs! Can the party be moved into the bathroom? 
Download Pool Party invitations

Dance Party
Everyone is wearing their most twirl-friendly skirt or pants and get to practice their dance moves to the birthday child’s favorite playlist.
Download Dance Party invitations

Birthday Gifts

If you can’t hand over a birthday gift in person, there are a couple of options. You can send a digital gift card, use the snail mail (again!) to send something you’ve created, or order a gift directly from and have it delivered straight to the door of the birthday child. Smooth! 

To order a gift and have it sent, follow these steps: 

1. Find your gift
2. Add it to your shopping bag and go to checkout
3. Choose your payment method
4. Choose your own email address to receive the delivery confirmation, but fill in the recipient’s mailing address and select the appropriate delivery method.

Done and done!

Time chart

Just as for a regular party, it’s a good idea to plan and set up a rough time chart, and share it with the guests mums and dads. As the party host parent, send out an e-mail shortly before the party starts, with the schedule and link to the digital meeting service used (check out Zoom, Google Hangout or HouseParty if there’re just a handfull of guests). A time chart could look something like the below:

Everyone connects – it may take a couple of minutes before everyone is settled in with microphones, camera and good reception. Be patient!

Cake time – the birthday child gets to blow out the candles before everyone sings the birthday song and eats cake.

Gift Opening – the birthday child opens gifts

Game time – see tips below

Surprise / Goodiebags – see tips below

The party is over – everyone waves bye-bye and disconnect from the meeting


Three games suitable for playing through a link:

Quiz – adapted to the age of the children. Can be fact-based, music related or focused on questions about the birthday child.

Dance stop – Turn on the music and dance! As soon as the music stops, everyone has to stand still. The last one standing gets a big applause from everyone!

Simon says – Everyone must do what Simon says and does! Roll around on the floor, jump on one leg or make funny faces. Take turns on who’s Simon!

Surprise / Goodiebags

A nice little surprise could be to send out a goodie bag to all guests, either together with the invitation or after the party, as a thank you for joining. It doesn’t have to be anything big, perhaps a piece of candy, balloons, stickers and a drawing from the birthday child.

Last but not least, we want to with all the children who’s birthday celebrations are effected by the current pandemic a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and hope you get to celebrate with all of your friends and family very soon. Until then, good luck with your digital parties!

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