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It’s time for the second round of “Catching up with”. The interview series where we e-meet with families to get an insight into what their days are like, what makes them happy and what they’re longing for once this crisis is over.

Today we’re talking to Amanda Cannon (@theamandracannon), Shay Silvestre (@playfulmodernkids) and Mary Ellen Arnold (@maryellenskye). 

Hello Amanda, What are your plans for today?

-The usual these days; my husband and I both juggling work while being home with a 2,5 year old. It’s tough but I’m trying to give myself some grace in the mornings and not set too high expectations for my days (or any expectations at all).

I’m trying to stay positive and thankful for all the time we get to have together and remember it won’t be like this forever.

Then we like to go out for walks in the afternoons so we’ll probably do that – it always makes us feel better to get some fresh air and maybe grab a coffee to go from a local coffee shop!

What do you long for the most?

Going to Sweden! We were supposed to leave in two days to spend the entire summer at home, but the airline canceled our tickets about a month ago. That is definitely the hardest part of all of this, that we can’t go to Sweden to see my family. Can’t wait until we’ll be able to!

What makes you happy right now?

The warm and sunny Tennessee weather, having a big backyard, going for walks, and seeing other people when we’re out picking up food or getting groceries – realizing we’re all in this together.

Amanda Cannon

: 29

City: Nashville, USA

Family: My husband Austin and Ivy 2,5 years old

Occupation: Graphic designer and clean beauty advocate

Favorite Kids Brands: Rylee + Cru, Jamie Kay and Weekend House Kids

Hello Shay, What are your plans for today?

Not much was planned out for today. It was Mother’s Day, we found an empty area in the city and walked around for the 2nd time this week!

I am very grateful for fresh air and supporting local restaurants for Mother’s Day.

What do you long for the most?

Nothing much, I wish to help those who are less fortunate. I worry for them the most during this time. I only wish I can do more for my community.

I also think it’s important to teach our children to help and love others. This is what I long for the most, a society of humans that are equal and help one another, no questions needed.

What makes you happy right now?

Being able to spend time with my family, my husband has never had time off like this before. So it’s different, our relationships are flourishing with the kids. All they want is love and attention. So I’m happy to be with them.

Also… I’ve been gaming a lot lol! Without Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch, I would’ve gone mad, hahaha.

Shanlynne "Shay" Silvestre

Age: 27

City: Philadelphia, USA

Family: My husband Fran, our eldest Adonay, our youngest Adonis and our dog Akiko

Occupation: Photographer and creative direction

Favorite Kids Brands: Repose AMS, Tinycottons, Bobo Choses, The New Society och The Capamento

Hello Mary, What are your plans for today?

My day always starts with coffee! We make breakfast every morning and play for a bit in the house. Eventually we venture outside to the backyard to play with bubbles, sidewalk chalk and bird sightings!

My daughter is 2 so the backyard probably feels like a magical fairy land where flowers bloom and her slide and tricycle live!

For lunch if the weather is nice we will picnic, she loves it! After nap we will go for a stroll and then before you know it the sun is setting and we are making dinner (lots of tacos) and taking baths.

What do you long for the most?

I long to go meet friends for coffee and playground hangs, and I would love a date night with my husband at a favorite restaurant.

What makes you happy right now?

Watching my daughter play. I am really enjoying this time watching her grow. It feels like a maternity leave in away.

Her 2nd birthday was at the start of the quarantine so in some ironic way this time at home feels familiar and nostalgic. Having this time together feels like a gift.

Mary Ellen

: 33 

City: Nashville, USA

Family: My husband Jacob and our daughter Holiday

Occupation: Hair stylist

Favorite Kids Brand: The New Society

Thanks to Amanda, Shay and Mary. We will be back with interviews from new families from across the globe. Do you have request for who we should talk to? Please tell us in the comments section. Stay safe!