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You may have just found out that you are pregnant (Congratulations!!), or maybe just started feeling the first kicks or are you already in week 30 and really feel your big belly growing.

Being pregnant feels OK for some women while for some it is uncomfortable and even painful. We would therefore like to suggest a new innovative product from Bbhugme that will give you support and make your life easier while being pregnant.

The maternity belt from Bbhugme supports and provides you a great hold in your pelvis and lower back while keeping your core muscles active. It makes it easier to move without hindering you.

The belt is designed and developed by female chiropractors who specialize in the bodys of pregnant women and they are passionate about positive and healthy pregnancies. It is made of a soft, flexible material that you recognize from sportswear (97% polyamide and 3% elastane).

The belt is available in three different sizes and you choose the size based on your hip size:

XS/S, 90cm-98cm
M/L, 98cm-104cm
XL, 104cm-110cm

As a bonus, the belt can also be used after pregnancy when the stomach may need some extra support.

Buy the maternity belt from Bbhugme by clicking here!