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Today we’re giving you a preview of Elodie’s latest news. These new items were made for the baby of the house, who’s about to eat at the table for the very first time. The new products include cutlery, a feeding spoon, napkins and a napkin ring.

Lets’ start by looking at the cutlery. The forks, knives, spoons and feeding spoons come in three different executions: silver, antique silver and gold. They’re made to be perfect for tiny hands and mouths.

Also lets look at the napkins and napkin rings. Use the napkins and the napkin ring to prepare a nice seat at the table for your little one. The napkins are 100% cotton, have a linen feeling and come in a variety of colors. The napkin ring comes in silver, antique silver and gold.

“For the perfect gift, we suggest having the cutlery and napkin ring engraved. A gift that will be treasured forever!”

Everything a baby touches tends to get messy. This entire collection is easy to take care of. Just put the forks, knives, spoons and napkin rings in the dishwasher, while you throw the napkins in the washing machine.

You’ll be able to buy these products in a week by clicking on the button below.