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We’re so happy to once again be able to show you an innovation from Elvie. A couple of weeks ago, we introduced Elvie’s pelvic floor trainer, and today, it’s time to introduce a new kind of breast pump that’s going to make life much easier for a lot of new mums. 

There are many different reasons to why some women choose to use a breast pump. It’s a way to give the baby breast milk while letting someone else feed them, some women experience pain while breastfeeding and some need to save milk for later.

Since first being introduced, breast pumps have not seen much development. Elvie wanted to change that. To kick off their project, they set up six mantras about what they wanted the Elvie breast pump to be:

1. quiet
2. hands-free
3. discreet
4. for mums to not feel like cows
5. easy to use
6. smart

And this is exactly what they succedded with. We like that it’s so quiet that you can pump anytime, anywhere! We mean it! You’ll know when it’s full, so you don’t need to keep track of that yourself. It’s easy to put together, clean and use. It consists of five parts and NO CORDS.

Bonus! If you like the feeling of being in control, you have the opportunity of connecting the pump to an app. It works just as well without, but if you’d like all the details, the app-option is for you.

Let’s watch a clip.

It’s so quiet that you can pump anytime, anywhere!
We mean it!

You wear this breast pump inside the nursing bra, so your hands are free to do other things. Enjoy a moment of peace or get going on your to-do list.

The breast pump is sold in single and double sets, and you’ll find it here.

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