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Today’s the premiere for Babyshop Staff Picks in The Magazine. We currently have 15,562 products in the children’s clothes category alone, and if we could we would love to tell you about each and every one.

Our first recommendations come from Tova Lindström, our Social Media Content Manager. Her latest favorites are the tights and shorts from Silly Silas.


You know when you’re clicking like crazy on the add-to-cart button as you have the feeling that this item will soon be sold out? These tights are one of those. But just as quickly as you have clicked, we have restocked.

Swedish brand Silly Silas makes retro-inspired, ribbed tights with suspenders that are irresistibly cute. They come with a sock, without a sock, and now as shorts — just in time for summer. You almost forget that they’re also amazingly eco-friendly, made of 100% OEKO-TEX® certified cotton.

These will be perfect both at pre-school and at parties — just imagine them with a cute blouse with a flounced collar!

This is how I style:

Outfit 1: ShirtHair bow / Ballerinas / Tights

Outfit 2: Shorts / Tank top / Hat / Sandals