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The start of the school year is almost here! We want to help those of you who are parents with children starting preschool this fall by giving you a list that covers everything you need.

1. Rain wear and shell wear are available in sets of two and as coveralls. Coveralls being the smart alternative for small kids.  Check out brands Kuling, Mini a Ture and Reima for a great assortment of rain wear and shell wear.

2. For your set of shell clothes: a shell jacket and shell pants, you’ll need a thin hat such as a beanie and thin gloves/mittensFor rainy days when your child is wearing their rainwear, you’ll need a rain hat and rain mittens/water proof gloves.

3. Accidents happen, so your child will also need one or more sets of extra clothes. You can pack a long-sleeved t-shirt, a pair of leggings, a pair of socks or some extra underwear, for example. A Happy Brand is a good choice for this. 


4. For fall, waterproof high-top sneakers, regular sneakers and rain boots are a must on your child’s shoe shelf. Look at brands like Kavat, Bisgaard and Viking for quality options. See our guide on how to buy shoes for children: How to buy shoes for kids online.


5. The fleece sweater is a real wardrobe hero! Wear it as it is, under the rain jacket or under a shell jacket. There’s also a wind-fleece alternative that, unlike regular fleece, is water resistant. Both fleece and wind-fleece items are available as tops/jackets, separately or as coveralls.

6. A backpack is useful to carry a lunch, extra clothes, drawings or other necessities.

7. Indoor games require moccasins or non-slip socks to prevent slipping.

9. Forest fun and outdoor activities mean drinking water and eating food, so get a water bottle and a lunch box for pancakes or other tasty treats.

9. For naptime, your kids will love having something cozy from home to feel safe with. You can pack a comforter or blanket, a pillow, a stuffed animal or a pacifier.

Help your preschool teacher and the other parents by labeling everything – really everything! Use a marker that works on textiles or use name stickers.

Good luck with school training!