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It’s here – the ultimate checklist and guide to kids fall outerwear! We’ve filled this list with everything you could possibly need for an outdoor life with kids. 

Number one on our checklist is rainwear. There are two types of rainwear – lined and unlined. Lined rainwear is a smart choice for colder days, and can also be useful during mild but wet winters.

The most important thing when it comes to rainwear is to ensure that the garment doesn’t contain anything scary, like PVC or phthalate. Next up is water gauge. Water gauge is written in millimeters, and you want it to be high, over 5000 mm. You’ll also want to make sure that the garments have taped seams. If you’ve got a rain-set without taped seams, the water gauge doesn’t matter – your child will get wet regardless.

Brands that are rainwear superstars are Lindberg, Didriksons, Kuling, Reima and Hatley. We’ll give a little extra credit to these heroes:

Kuling Ottawa
Didriksons Boardman
Kuling San Marino
Didriksons Waterman

Make rainy days more fun with an umbrella.

Next up on our checklist is outerwear or shellwear. These are garments that protect against bad weather and wind during all seasons of the year, depending on what you wear beneath.

Shell wear make up your top layer and protects you from wind, rain and snow. So, it’s important that it’s wind resistant and water-resistant. This layer should also let out any steam transported from the body through layers 1 and 2.

Depending on how old your child is and how much they like to play in water, you could do well with only shell wear. If you’ve got a small child, a shell jacket and rain pants could be a great combo. Shell wear is available as coveralls too.

When looking to buy shell wear, you should look for and stay away from scary materials – what you want is Bionic-Finish ECO.  Also, check out the water gauge and look for taped seams. The water gauge for shell wear should be 10 000 – 15 000 mm, which, along with the taped seams, will keep your kid dry all morning despite it raining cats and dogs.

Brands that carry amazing shell wear are: Reima, Molo, Wheat, Mini A Ture and Hummel. We especially love these super heroes:

Kuling Milano
Kuling Going
Kuling Stockholm
Reima Vantti
Reima Vandra
Lindberg Cardiff
Reima Idea

The base layer, also called layer 1is the layer closest to the body. Wool is a great choice of material, so are synthetic materials, but stay away from cotton. The number one job of the base layer is to transport the heat from the body to the next layer of clothing.

What you want to be on the lookout for is if the wool is certified, and if it’s mulesing free. Woolmark is a sign of quality. This combination gives you high quality wool and keeps you in the animal cruelty-free zone. Brands that make especially great base layer pieces are: Isbjörn of Sweden, Reima, Joha and Kuling. Base layer heroes in this category include:

♥ Wool from Lindbergs
Wool from Bergans
♥ Wool from Kuling

We’ve reached layer 2, the middle layer. This layer is heat isolating, moisture transporting and quick drying. It could be fleece, wind fleece, wool terry or thermo. In early fall, the middle layer is great on its own, but it does its real work when it’s worn under rain wear or shell wear as a back-up. A must have in your wardrobe!

Is fleece bad? When clothes contain synthetic fibers, like fleece and other clothes, they release microplastics in the washing machine. The Nature Conservation Society advises us to wash less, and when you do wash, put the clothes in a special washing bag that catches the microplastics and protects your clothes. Be diligent with vacuuming the fluff that gets stuck in the bag. You can buy these bags in many places, look for Guppyfriend and washing bags.

Hero brands in this category include: Isbjörn of SwedenReima and Lindberg. Our superstar status models are:

Kuling North Pole
Fleece from Mini Rodini
Lindberg Umeå
Isbjörn Lynx
Kuling Livingo

The fifth thing on our list are gloves and mittens. During fall, rain gloves/mittens and shell gloves/mittens are a must for kids who love playing with water, sand and mud. Small kids want and need mittens while bigger kids like gloves.  The models in our arsenal of gloves and mittens that we call our superstars are:

Kuling Vilnius
Didriksons Pileglove
Reima Puro
Kuling Magic Gloves
Lindberg Brattfors

We’re at the second last item on our checklist – footwear.

You’ll find sneakers from Adidas, Nike, Reebok and rain boots from Hunter or Didriksons. You’ll also need water-proof shoes and sneakers for days when the weather fluctuates between wet and dry a lot. We’ve got a group of shoes in our shoe-stable that we call fall heroes:

Viking Cascade
Kuling Lofoten
Kuling Isaberg
Kuling Caracas
Viking Alvdal
Superfit Sport5

Finally, we’ve got hats. With hats, you’re adding function and personality. Begin the season with a fun cap and when cold weather hits, switch to cotton or wool hats. If it’s rainy outside, smaller children might like a Sou’wester or rain hat good for protecting the head, face and neck from water. Some of our selected fall heroes include:

Kuling Vasa Rain Hat
Mini Rodini Beanie
The Animals Observatory Cap
Ralph Lauren Wool Hat

Feeling ready for fall? Got any questions? We’re here to help you make the right choices for your child! Comment below, call us or write to us!

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