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Our Green Page has finally launched. We’ve handpicked and collected all the products that are better choices for the world we live in. We just want to make it easier for you to fill your shopping cart with what we call “all the good greens”.

The products on this page have been chosen based on these three criteria:

-They are made of a better choice of material

-They were produced ethically

-A combination of both

You can use the Green Page as your new home page when you shop at Babyshop, and easily filter through the page to find the clothes and sizes you need – and all the products shown are items that have been produced with our Earth in mind. Recycled materials, renewable fuel during production, and minimal use of chemicals are just some examples of what’s been prioritized to make these products better choices.

For more guidance, you can read about the 14 labels that describe exactly why our Green Page products are better choices.

Use the Green Page for your next buy at Babyshop, and let us know what you think and we’ll award you with a discount code as thanks for your help. Valid for the first 10 people that contact us.