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Today we’ll meet Artemi’s dad, Julie’s mom, Ibrahim’s dad, Raphael’s mom and Noel and Adam’s mom. They will tell us about the best winter coveralls for their individual families. We hope to inspire and help you in your search for the right winter coveralls.

Name: Yuri Pogodin 

Title: Head of Business Development in Emerging Countries

Parent to: Arteemi, 6 y/o

Best winter coveralls: Penguin Snowsuit from Isbjörn of Sweden

Why I like them: These winter coveralls are a perfect mix of quality and functionality. The fact that they’re practical is so important. They keep my kid warm and dry and ready to discover new things. I sleep well at night knowing that I don’t have to worry about buying new coveralls.

Name: Cia Wilthorn

Title: Campaign & Web Manager

Parent to: Julie, 1,5 y/o

Best winter coveralls: Verbier Winter Coveralls from Kuling

Why I like them: I appreciate that they’re affordable yet keep a nice quality standard. They’ve got a 15 000 mm water gauge and high breathability. They’ve also got support for the knees, bum and elbows. I want Julie to be able to play actively in her coveralls without them getting worn out, wet or cold.

Name: Waqar Hassan

Title: Customer Care Agent

Parent to: Ibrahim, 4 y/o

Best winter coveralls: Verbier Winter Coveralls from Kuling

Why I like them: These winter coveralls have it all while being affordable. Your kid will be well-protected and able to enjoy winter. We love the fur collar (faux fur of course) that’s detachable. My son always takes it off and pretends that it’s a lion or a fox with a furry tail. The knees are supported, and the extra lining allows kids to be active. The yellow color makes him stand out and it makes the winter feel bright and sunny.

Name: Martina Widenberg

Title: CRM and E-mail specialist

Parent to: Raphael, almost 5 y/o

Best winter coveralls: Reimatec® Stavanger Winter Coveralls from Reima

Why I like them: They’re perfect for Raphael, who’s very active, as it’s easy to play and move around in them while they’re still durable. They’ve got an elastic band around the waist that easily adjusts to children, it keeps the heat well and also look great!

Name: Johanna Larsson

Title: Customer Care Agent

Parent to: Noel, 4,5 y/o and Adam, 1 y/o

Best winter coveralls: Björnen Winter Coveralls from Didriksons for the little one and Reimatec Kiddo Winter Coveralls from Reima for my older kid.

Why I like them: Didrikson’s coveralls have an incredibly durable exterior, which helps my little one feel warm and cozy, while they also let him discover the world just like young kids are supposed to do. Reima Reimatec Kiddo works great for older kids, as they’ve got a simple design while keeping children warm and cozy both during everyday life and at school.