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We want to help you find winter boots for your kids. We’ve got the tips and suggestions you need ahead of your purchase. We’d also like to highlight our favorite winter boots with our Editor’s 11 top picks.
Babies Can Wear Winter Boots Too
Tiny baby feet are protected by the baby’s coveralls or footmuff. For extra warmth and cuteness, use lined soft sole booties in wool
Measure The Feet
The first step is to measure the child’s feet. Add 1,5 – 2 cm to that measurement. In winter, it’s important to keep extra room inside the boots so that your child’s feet can move freely and keep warm. If the boots are too tight, the feet won’t be able to move properly and they will get cold.
Buy Waterproof Boots 
Buy waterproof boots that keep snow and mush away. If you live somewhere where winters are milder, a pair of lined rain boots are a good alternative. They are also perfect for early spring.

A pair of water resistant winter boots are a great complement and can be used for nicer occasions.  

1. Kuling – Richmond Winter Boots
2. Bisgaard – TEX Boots
3. Sorel – Children’s Yoot Pac Snow Boots
4. Kavat – Oden EP Boots
5. Rubber Duck – Cracked Boots 
6. Moon Boots – WP Boots
7. Reima – Nefar Winter Boots
8. Viking – Extreme Boots
9. Kavat – Norrdal EP Boots
10. Viking – Toasty II GTX Boots
11. Superfit – Culusuk 2.0 Boots
12. Superfit – Snow Cat Boots
For a Perfect Fit
For the perfect fit – we’ve got the perfect trick! Buy an extra pair of soles and insert these into the boots for a perfect fit. Buy wool socks to keep your baby’s feet warm even if snow should find its way into the boots.
Do you need help?
We love talking winter shoes. If you need any help with sizing, we’re right here ready to help!
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