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We’ll help you dress your kids for days of swooping down the slopes. Read our guide and dream away to the snow.

What do your kids need for skiing? We’ve compiled a checklist. We’ll also be recommending brands that know both functionality and how to keep your whole family in style in the slopes.  

Coveralls Kuling // Shoes Sorel // Hat Barts

Base Layers and Ski Socks

Start with long johns in soft wool to keep the body warm and dry. You’ll need multiple pairs of ski socks with a tight fit to be comfortable in ski boots.

Mid Layer

To keep the heat in, you’ll need a layer of fleece or wool. Try a top and bottom set or coveralls. 

Ski Coveralls or Ski Set

Keep the cold out with ski coveralls or a ski jacket with a bottom set. For coveralls, see Kuling, Reima, Helly Hansen, Moncler and Småfolk.

For ski sets, look at brands like Helly Hansen, Spyder, Perfect Moment, Poivre, Blanc, Fusalp and Al Riders.

Remember to not buy a bigger size as most ski clothes are already big in size. Here’s a guide from Poivre Blanc to help you.

Winter Boots

A pair of high and lined winter boots will keep snow out. Look for Naturino, Moon Boot, Sorel and Geox.


Getting to the accessories: helmets, ski goggles and sunglasses. For helmets and ski goggles, check out Bollé & Cébé. You’ll find sunglasses here. To find the right size for helmets and goggles, take a look at these guides:

-Bollé Ski Goggles Size Guide Inuk 1 and 2
-Bollé Ski Goggles Size Guide Royal 1 and 2
-Bollé Ski Goggles Size Guide Explorer 1 and 2
-Ski Helmets Size Guide 1 and 2


You’ll need two types of hats. A warm and wind tight hat and a thinner balaclava to wear under your helmet.

Ski Gloves

Finally, keep those tiny hands warmth with waterproof ski gloves or mittens.

Ski Goggles Bollé // Parkas Mini Rodini // Shirt Bobo Choses / Pants Isbjörn of Sweden // Shoes Moon Boot // Ski Jacket Poivre Blanc // Ski pants Fusalp

Balaclava Hummel // Helmet Bollé // Ski Goggles Cébé // Ski Goggles Bollé // Mittens Molo // Ski Boots Moon Boot // Hat Mini A Ture // Scarf Burberry // Parkas Al Riders on the Storm

Ski Goggles Bollé // Shirt Bobo Choses // Ski Pants Isbjörn of Sweden

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