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Have you heard of Wildhood Foundation?

Founded by Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg in 2016, this Swedish nonprofit organization’s mission is to protect wild animals from poaching and illegal trade. Funds raised are used to protect threatened wildlife in some of southern Africa’s most affected areas.

 Wildhood also works to increase knowledge about the illegal trade and the consequences extinction of species has for our planet. Did you for example know what a Pangolin is and that this little animal is our world’s most illegally traded?

Fact check: Elephants

The elephant is the most illegally hunted animal in Zimbabwe, which is home to one of the largest populations in Africa. Elephants are being shot, poisoned or snared by poachers who want to get hold of the valuable ivory. If you succeed in protecting elephants in this ecosystem, all other species are being protected.   

It is estimated that more than 110 000 African elephants have been killed for their tusks in the last decade and today more than 20 000 are killed each year. With only about 350 000 elephants remaining on the African continent the species is now at risk of getting extinct within our lifetime.

We care for biodiversity and all living beings on our planet. To help protect and preserve elephants, lions and rhinos for future generations we support Wildhood Foundation in their mission to stop poaching and illegal wildlife trade in Africa. We’re really proud over this partnership and the results we see!

-Linn Tagesson, Co-founder Babyshop


Wildhood’s fundraising goes to the empowerment of female park rangers in a new project called “Akashinga” meaning “the brave ones” in the local language of Zimbabwe. Here women from poor rural communities form the first and last line of defense for nature, now getting access to a job that was historically set aside for men.

 Women’s natural instinct to protect and ability to de escalate conflicts rather than the opposite has made this project successful. The women of Akashinga protect the elephants as if they were their own children, a mission that is both challenging and dangerous.

I love my elephants like my own children, so I must protect them like I protect my children.

-Quote from Akashinga – The Brave Ones

Akashinga is recruiting women from the local communities where women are often victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. By empowering these women and giving them an opportunity to get self-sufficient through an employment, this project has multiple positive effects on the community:

 -when the status of women is increased the violence against women is reduced.  

-as women tend to invest more of their salary back in the household, compared to a man, kids get better access to health care and education.  

-this helps build the economy in the rural communities faster which reduces poverty and the need for poaching.

Akashinga – the Movie

In 2020 National Geographic launched the short documentary Akashinga – The Brave Ones covering the expansion of the project. Watch it here!

 I vow to use my skills and training

to protect these animals,

to protect these lands

In this mission, I’m prepared to give my life.

This is my duty.

I am Akashinga!

I am a brave one!


-Akashinga’s oath is a quote from Akashinga – The Brave Ones

Are you also an animal friend? Support Wildhood Foundation by becoming a monthly donor or give a single donation here. Every single donation makes a difference!

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