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“Búho” means owl in Spanish and is a Barcelonan brand for kids. Their clothes are chic and bohemian. Think southern France and Provence.

The brand makes clothes for babies and children between 0-14 years old, with the goal of making clothes that kids will love to wear. Búho combines different materials and washes that give the items a soft finish and vintage look.

Búho is a brand we warmly welcomed to the Babyshop family recently that has already become a firm customer favourite.

Their SS21 collection brought me to a lighter and brighter place, longing for the warmth of summer.

Coming from Singapore, it is 35 degrees all year round in my home country, so i could see myself putting my niece and nephew in most of the collection with the breezy and lightweight fabrications used throughout.

I also appreciate that the production is 100% local and situated in Spain, as I see that is a great effort by the brand to reduce their impact on the environment and support their local community at the same time.

-Joycelyn Kam, Buyer

Sustainability Búho Style

The materials used in their clothes come from France, Spain and Italy. The clothes are made in Spain, Portugal and France. That is partly to ensure that the production is up to par with the brand’s high standards, but also to make the production more sustainable.


  • 86% organic production

  • 100% local production

  • 100% European production

You’ll find the first part of Búho’s spring collection at Babyshop on February 4th.

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