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Shopping for a newborn can be tricky, but we’re here to help you find all the things you might need for your new life with a baby.

We call this list the “ultimate” checklist, but we know that each baby is different. For one family, one product might be a lifesaver, but for another family it could be just the opposite.

Our best advice is to combine buying new things with borrowing pre-loved items from your best friend. Go second hand shopping and write that wish list. 

Baby Clothes – Getting Your Baby Dressed

Babies wear bodies. Baby bodies come in different styles: envelope, with buttons and as wraps. Try them all and see which model you like the best. You’ll be changing your baby often, so both you and your baby will want wardrobe changes to be smooth and easy.

How many baby bodies you’ll need depends on how often you’re able to do laundry. Remember that babies grow fast and that they dirty themselves (and you) more often than you think. Baby bodies can be combined with soft pants, leggings or stockings.

Another piece that’s good to have is a onesie that is closed with buttons or a zip. They’re also perfect to use as PJs.

All babies need baby hats and blankets.

Summer Babies and Winter Babies

A summer baby needs light, airy clothes and sunhats.

Winter babies need wool hats, wool socks, a wool bodysuit that you combine with winter coveralls with mittens, soft shoes and warm footmuffs.

Size Guides for Baby Clothes and Baby Hats

The right size for clothes is based on your baby’s height, and the right hat size depends on your baby’s head-circumference.

Size Guide – Baby Clothes

40 cm – Premature
50 cm – Newborn
56 cm – 1 month
62 cm – 3 months
68 cm – 6 months
74 cm – 9 months
80 cm – 12 months
86 cm – 18 months
92 cm – 2 year old

Size Guide – Baby Hats

36-38 – Premature
40-42 – 1-4 months
44-46 – 4-9 months
48-50 – 9 months – 2 years old

Keep in mind that the size guide is only a general recommendation. Individual brands might size their clothes differently and can therefore be smaller or larger.

For When You and Your Baby are on the Go

It’s not allowed to put a baby in a car without an infant car seat. Buy one with an adapter that fits both your car and your stroller.

Choosing a stroller is a big decision that requires research and its own blog post. Read our guide on how to choose the right stroller.

To keep your hands free while keeping your baby close or to run a quick errand without a stroller – you will need a baby carrier. Choose between a baby carrier, baby sling or a baby wrap. Whatever your choice will be make sure that it fits your baby, that it feels comfortable and that it’s easy to use. 

Caring for Your Baby

You’ll need a changing pad, perhaps also a changing table, and definitely wipes.

When it comes to baby bathing, a bath or a support stand as well as a hooded towel are essentials. We’ll admit the towel is mostly a necessity because it’s just so darn cute!

For changing your baby on the go, you’ll need a foldable changing mat and a diaper bag that carries everything you need and then some.

Feeding Your Baby

Bottle Feeding

If you’re bottle feeding, you’ll need bottles and bottle nipples. The same goes for bottles as for pacifiers, you’ll need to try out different bottles and nipples until you find “the one” – your baby’s favorite bottle. Buy a bunch of those when you’ve found it. Also buy a powder measurer.

Breast Feeding

If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need a soft breastfeeding-bra and miracle cream A.K.A nipple cream. You might also need a breast pump, a breastfeeding pillow, pacifier shields and inserts to put in the bra to prevent leaking as well as storage for your breast milk.

No matter how you feed your baby, muslin is an amazing cloth-wipe to use when feeding. Buy lots of those!


Babynests are good for many reasons. To start with, in it, the baby is placed on its back, which is the current recommended sleeping position. However, please review the recommendations in your country as they might differ. 

A babynest is also a great addition to a stroller. With it, it’s easy to move your sleeping baby from the bed to the stroller by using the handles.

It’s recommended that babies sleep in their own beds. Please review the recommendations in your country as they might differ. You can choose between regular cribs and rocking cribs. A crib needs a mattress, a mattress cover, perhaps also a pillow, blanket, sheets and a crib bumper.

A baby monitor with speakers and a screen lets you keep an eye on your baby from afar. We love the baby monitor from Owlet. It has night vision and two-way sound. You can buy the baby monitor with the Owlet sock that measures your baby’s heartbeat, oxygen levels and sleeping trends.

A pacifier can calm the baby down. Pacifiers come in different sizes, materials and forms. Try out different types until you find the one that works best for your baby. Buy many!

Bonus Recommendations

Babysitters can be a lifesaver when it comes to freeing up your hands while keeping your baby close. A simple aid that you easily can move around and bring with you.

For play time, mobiles and baby gyms do the trick.

Eventually, you’ll need a highchair. To bring the baby to the dinner table from the start, you can use the Stokke Tripp Trapp with an infant insert.

Please share your own top-recommendations in the comments for both us and our knowledge-hungry readers – we’d love to read them!

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