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To inspire you and to help you navigate this season’s news, we’ve narrowed down three major trends. Let us present the first of the three: A New Hope.

Spring brings new blooms, new beauty and A New Hope. This season, we see brands celebrating the childlike wonder with which kids see our world. Bringing nostalgic vibes, many collections include vintage prints, taking inspiration from VHS iconography, floral curtains and other retro elements.

We recognize smocking and volume as two contrasting silhouettes crossing over from the adult fashion world, with brands serving up multiple options.

To maximize the trend, try mixing fabrics of different textures such as softer materials like terry, tulle and lace with tougher, sturdier ones like cotton, viscose and denim.

Key colors and patterns are pastels meeting earthy tones, plus hearts and florals. Intricate embroidery adds to the romantic feel.

What brands fit this trend and what are the key pieces? Check out A New Hope at

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